The college incorporates 3 departments as per the statutory guidelines prescribed by CCIM for the conduction of BAMS course. The various departments designated under preclinical, Para clinical and clinical sections ensure a comprehensive learning in theoretical and practical aspects of Ayurveda.

Department of Samhitha, Samskritha & Siddhanta:
The department of Sanskrit, Samhita and Siddhanta deals with the study of Sanskrit language, the authentic text books of Ayurveda and the fundamental principles that constitute the science. The scholars learn the Sanskrit language which is the key to understand the teachings of Ayurveda. They become capable of understanding, reading, writing and conversing in Sanskrit. They are taught and trained to read and understand the main treatise of Ayurveda like Ashtanga Samgraha, Ashtanga Hridaya, Caraka Samhita and Susruta Samhita. The basic principles that govern the fundamentals of treatment are imparted through the study of various Siddhanta like Panchamahabhoota Siddhanta, Tridosa Siddhanta, Samanya – Vishesha Siddhanta etc.

Department Of Kriya Sareera:
This department is concerned with branch of understanding the physiological (functional) aspects of human body both in Ayurvedic and modern view. This department incorporates a well established laboratory for conducting various physiological experiments in relation with clinical physiology. A well equipped laboratory which offers hematology practicals, urine analysis, human ECG experiments, spirometry etc for a batch of 60 students at a time. Comprise of huge number of charts & models also.

Department Of Rachana sareera:
The Rachana sareera literally means the structural components of the human body. The department is concerned with academic orientation of macro anatomy and micro anatomy of the human body. The department has facilities for human dissection, live demonstration, histological slides, osteology and a well maintained museum exhibiting various human specimens.